b. 1989 Nairobi, Kenya.
Lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.


As a young up-and-coming painter, Ng’ok devotes herself to investigating the dynamics of relationships on personal, psychological, political and spiritual levels. She uses paint like a scalpel, to expose the tensions hidden in the various African societies she has experienced, and to investigate how belief systems continually shift between indigenous tradition and western modernity, the rational and irrational, the conscious and unconscious, the scientific and the realm of superstition, myth, folklore and oral history. Her work opens up a space for questions by unfolding narratives that combine reality and dreams, truth and imagination.


Ivy Brandie Chemutai Ng’ok completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, specialising in painting, at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. She was the recipient of the Masters Bursary for 2015 – as part of the Mellon Foundation’s Visual and Performing Arts of Africa Research Focus Group – and completed her Masters degree in Fine Arts in 2017.

Most recently, Ng’ok presented her work as part of Songs for Sabotage at the Fourth New Museum Triennale in New York, USA. In 2017, Ng’ok presented her first solo presentation, Self Esteem for Girls, at the 2017 FNB Joburg Art Fair in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ng’ok participated in the Popty International Artists’ Workshop in 2015 at the Penquoit Centre in Wales, UK. Notable exhibitions include: Speaking Back, alongside renowned international female artists like Kara Walker, Candice Breitz and Ellen Gallagher, in Cape Town, South Africa during 2015; and African Voices exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2017.