Peter Eastman

b. 1976, Newcastle, UK
Lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa

Peter Eastman has earned a reputation as an experimental painter, using a variety of techniques and media to constantly expand his practice. Eastman’s substrate of choice is aluminium, on which he applies amongst other materials; chrome, enamel oil paint, resin, wax and graphite– reworking, scraping, incising/engraving/scoring and profiling the surface to create unique paintings poised between representation and abstraction. Eastman is best known for his ‘chine’ works; that are composed of large-scale forest-scapes where the palette has been reduced to two colours, that heighten contrasts and eliminate intermediate tones.


In 2003, Eastman was selected as a finalist for the ABSA L’Atelier award, and in 2005, he participated in the Sasol New Signatures exhibition. His first solo presentation, entitled Reflective, was held at Stevenson, Cape Town in 2004. Later solo exhibitions include Supernature in 2008 and Life is Short in 2010 – both at Whatiftheworld Gallery, Cape Town. Surface Light in 2015 was Eastman’s seventh solo exhibition since the start of his career in 2001 and follows on from the great success of his Deep Chine exhibition presented at SMAC Gallery in 2014.

Eastman has also participated in numerous local and international art fairs and group exhibitions including, among others, the Realisme Art Fair in Amsterdam in 2007; VOLTA5 in Basel in 2009; Africa, Assume Art Position! at Primo Marella Gallery in Milano, Italy in 2010; Museum of African Design in 2013; as well as the Cape Town Art Fair and FNB Johannesburg Art Fair both in 2016. SMAC Gallery has featured Eastman’s work in several exhibitions; PAINT I, Contemporary South African Painting 2002-2012 in 2012; BACK TO THE FUTURE Abstract Art in South Africa: Past and Present in 2013 and most recently Upstart/Startup in 2016. Peter Eastman most recent solo exhibition Coldstream was presented at SMAC Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 2017 and his work was included in SMAC’s presentation at the 12th Contemporary Istanbul in September 2017.

Eastman is currently preparing for his solo exhibition at SMAC Gallery in Johannesburg in 2019.