Divisions: Aspects of South African Art 1948 – 2010

5 June – 31 August 2010

Divisions: Aspects of South African Art 1948 – 2010 is a large exhibition focusing on trends, movements and styles in South African art over the last six decades.

The exhibition does not aim to be representative or comprehensive; it merely highlights interesting and important moments in our recent art history in order to stimulate debate and contribute towards the process of revisionism, reclassification and restructuring of outdated perceptions in our art. Historic social and political “divisions” have led to a disjointed picture of our artistic heritage which is perpetuated through entrenched public and commercial interests. Groupings or “divisions” are necessary in order to make sense of the past. Understanding and reconsidering the past is a process which requires numerous attempts and exercises of this nature.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has provided impetus to this process and many galleries are presenting historical exhibitions. Some of the aspects considered in this exhibition include: The Parisian influence, Modernist Abstraction, The Bloemfontein Group, African Modernist Sculpture, South African Graphic Expressionism, Metaphysical influences, Township Art, Protest Art, Neo-Expressionism, Conceptual Art, Neo-Pop and the Social-Realist tradition.

Including: Walter Battiss, Christo Coetzee, Cecil Skotnes, Douglas Portway, Erik Laubscher, Nel Erasmus, Lucas Sithole, Lucky Sibiya, Larry Scully, Bettie Cilliers-Barnard, Georgina Ormiston, Iris Ampenberger, Gordon Vorster, Dirk Meerkotter, Fred Schimmel, Cecily Sash, Sydney Kumalo, Edoardo Villa, Ezrom Legae, Dumile Feni, George Pemba, Peter E Clarke, Albert Newall, Kevin Atkinson, Hannatjie van der Wat, Trevor Coleman, Lionel Abrams, Bill Ainslie, Jill Trappler, Welcome Koboka, Ephraim Ngatane, Norman Catherine, Simon Stone, Judith Mason, Fred Page, John Dronsfield, Claude Bouscharain, Marianne Podlashuc, Marjorie Wallace, Vladimir Tretchikoff, Braam Kruger, Sam Nhlengethwa, Willie Bester, Pat Mautloa, Wayne Barker, Andrew Olivier, Max Wolpe, Beezy Bailey, David Koloane, Kay Hassan, Johannes Phokela, Anton Karstel, Diane Victor, William Kentridge, Albert Adams, David Brown, Angus Taylor, Robert Hodgins, Herman Van Nazareth, Barend De Wet, Brett Murray, Peet Pienaar, Conrad Botes, Johann Louw, Dale Yudelman, Svea Josephy, Speelman Mahlangu, Sthembiso Sibisi, Trevor Makhoba, Sibusisu Duma, Georgina Gratrix, Jake Aikman, Trasi Henen, Sue Pam-Grant, Stuart Bird and Ed Young.