Marinella Senatore

Solo Project

FNB Joburg Art Fair | SOLO Section: Booth S09

06.09.18 – 09.09.18

Sandton Convention Centre
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Marinella Senatore was born in Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy in 1977.
Senatore currently lives in Rome and works in situ. Through
participatory art practice – namely mass-coordinated action and
group calisthenics – Marinella Senatore questions the bio-politics
of different communities and circumvents the traditional roles of
artist and audience to create an exciting new artistic movement.
Expanding on the collective resources of the communities
engaged in her projects, Senatore constructs experiences based
on a didactic model of instruction and participation. Her filmic
approach to the relationship between public engagement and art
transcends the systematic institutionalisation and commodification
of contemporary art – striving to contribute ethically towards the
narrative of a more democratic, shared creativity.
Working across multiple disciplines, Senatore developed ’The
School of Narrative Dance’ – a migratory construct based around
the notion of collective choreographic experience as a vehicle
for creative process. Establishing ad hoc workshops and tutorial
spaces in specific communities through an open call campaign
– Senatore amassed over 20,000 participants for her filmic opera,
Rosas, in 2012 – the ‘School’ is an ongoing project, where Senatore
acts as facilitator. Senatore’s ‘School’ offers introductory courses

in skills such as choreography, acting, scriptwriting, and costume
design – where each project culminates into a festive public
appearance, combining elements of parade, performance,
protest, and theatre.
Senatore’s most recent projects include the Palermo Procession,
presented at the opening of Manifesta 12 in Palermo, Italy, as
well as her London Procession, which took place as part of the
Art Night 2018 trail in London, UK. Her largest ever project – and
the biggest mass-participatory project ever implemented – took
place earlier this year, with Senatore as the selected artist for WE
the KIDS in 2018, curated by the Guggenheim Museum in Venice,
Italy. The project involved 60,000 schools around Italy and a total
of 2 million participants.
In addition to receiving a number of awards, Senatore has also
been awarded numerous international residencies, and has
been selected to participate in multiple Biennale’s. Most notably,
Senatore was included in the 54th Venice Biennale – curated by
Bice Curiger – and presented two related projects: